Gershon Hurwen

Gershon Hurwen team image

Co-founder & Partner | CPA, CA, CA(SA)

Gershon is a seasoned business operator with an expertise in using integrated and changing technologies to efficiently manage traditional businesses. 

Prior to co-founding Auxilium, Gershon worked in a diverse variety of businesses in senior finance and executive positions. Over the last 20 years he has refined his skills in understanding the contextual value of accounting information and in asking the very good questions that assist management in getting to the core of a problem or priority.

Gershon is also an active investor in the Toronto business community acting as the principal at Vitality Capital as well as making a number of active angel investments. He currently sits on the boards of Loyalty Markets, Shipfusion and Abacus Agency.

Gershon has a passion for growing and building enduring businesses and brings that to the table when advising our clients.

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