Who we are

  • A partner for growing businesses
  • A solution for companies that require a complete finance department, but a full-time team is not necessary and/or economical
  • A diverse team of experienced financial leaders, CPAs, and bookkeepers assigned to work “inside” our clients' company everyday to drive the finance department role
  • Flexible relationship that evolves with your business


Why Auxilium

  • We are not consultants: We're accessible as an everyday resource within your finance department (full-time immediate support on a part-time basis)
  • Ability to engage entire or partial finance department 
  • You require a complete finance department, but a full-time team is neither necessary and/or affordable
  • Reliability & continuity (resource turn-over protected)
  • Provides skill/resource alignment (right people performing the right tasks) 
  • Scalability: We grow the team seamlessly as your business grows
  • Flexibility: as full-time resourcing becomes required, we recruit, train, and transition internal resources 


How We Work

Full-time on a part-time basis:

  • Become your finance team and work within your company or
  • An extention to your finance team to fill the gaps and support growth


How We Charge


Our philosophy centres around delivering results and becoming a valued partner to you … not counting hours. 


  • Assessment: Charged as a 1-Off Project or blended into an Ongoing relationships monthly fee.
  • 1-Off Project: Charged by the Project to solve your specific issue.
  • Ongoing: Charged as a fixed “salary” each month within an open/ongoing contract.  Costs adjust if/when our role adjusts.

Your customized accounting and financial services solution

Your customized accounting and financial services solution

Auxilium Professional Corporation provides the amenities, tools and resources of a finance department without the stress, hassle or cost.

Our uniqueness lies in our customized approach to help our clients grow and succeed. We provide a full range of services including bookkeeping, strategic financial and operational advisory, controllership services and CFO leadership.

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